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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Radio Interview

Leslie Saeta

A Conversation with Susan Lyon

by Leslie Saeta


  1. Clarence McGrath sadly passed away in 2007. He's a genius indeed.

  2. I loved the interview! I seem to have some of the same anxietys you have. It's encouraging to know other people are succeeding even though they get stressed and have fears and doubts about their own work compared to other artists. I tend to be a loner and I started drawing portraits when I was about 12. All my teachers told me I couldn't be doing what I WAS doing, which was terribly confusing! That and other negative events and people have done damage I'm only now beginning to work out! Thank you for your encouragement to artists, Susan!!

  3. Thank you so much for your interview with AHA. It was one of the best and most inspiring (and I've listened to them all). I especially appreciated the things you said about painting for the love of it, not money, staying true to your own vision and not considering what will sell or won't when you choose your subjects and paint. So much of what you said was inspiring and reassuring (I loved hearing that only 10% of your paintings--like mine--are what I call "gifts" -- they just go great with little effort and the rest offer challenges and struggles. Thanks also for reminding people about learning to draw and not skipping ahead to a "career" before mastering the basics. Too much of the time these days advice to artists is all about marketing, not painting.