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Friday, May 20, 2011

Artists that inspire me

In no particular order  - I will add to this post on a regualar basis

Edgar Payne Composition of Outdoor Painting-

J. W. Waterhouse

The Art Spirit-  Robert Henri

Frank Benson

Carlsons Guide to Landscape Painting-  John Carlson

George Carlson

The Paintings of Richard E. Miller "A Bright Oasis

Kevin Macpherson     www.kevinmacpherson.com

The Paintings of Edmund C. Tarbell

"Figure Drawing, Head and Hands" and "Creative Illustration"-  Andrew Loomis

John Singer Sargent

Anders Zorn

Carl Larsson

Dennis Miller Bunker

Joaquin Sorolla-  Hispanic Society,  NY

Nicolai Fechin

Gustav Klimt

Cecilia Beaux

The Art of Thomas Wilmer

Alla Prima, Figure Painting and Landscape Painting-
Richard Schmid   RichardSchmid.com

Sacred Paint-  Ned Jacob
George Bridgman
The Human Figure   John Vanderpoel

Alphonse  Mucha

Abram  Arkhipov

Filipp Maliavin   ( I've seen this name spelled many different ways )

Ilya Repin

Valentin  Serov

Clarence McGrath    ( I first saw his work on a card that an old gallery in Scottsdale had from the 1980's, I had never heard of him before and was blown away !!! He traveled and painted other cultures like I hadn't seen before. I tried to find him on the website but just got a few small paintings that were at an auction house. One artist who is in his 50's had known of him about 30 years ago and didn't know what had happened to him. I'm truly sorry that his work is not being honored and remembered)

Nancy Guzik
Dan Gerhartz

Michelle Dunaway
Mary Whyte

Quang Ho

Daniel Sprick

John Asaro

Bettina Steinke

Dean Cornwell

Carl Von Marr- West Bend Gallery of Fine Art, West
Bend, WI

Frederick J. Mulhaupt- North Shore Arts Assoc.
Gloucester, MA

The Art of Scott L. Christensen- http://www.christensenstudio.com/

Edgar Payne Composition of Outdoor Painting-

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  1. Honored to be on the list.. you are on my top list too : )