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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mr Parks daily handouts

Mr Parks was a wonderful teacher, over the years he taught some of the best know artists of today. I had him for one semester before he retired from full time teaching to only teach on Saturday's. For a year my Father, Scott and I took his Saturday morning drawing class. We stayed in touch with him over the years and he came to Scott's and my wedding reception at the Palette and Chisel. Everyday he would post a new saying on the door, something he got from a book, something he made up or maybe a newspaper clipping that caught his eye. One that I repeat to friends and students all the time is  "Nothing great was ever created without enthusiasm"

A lady who also had Mr Parks as a teacher sent me this photo of him during WWII while he was stationed in Japan. He is the one on the right wearing the glasses


  1. Great thoughts not only for Art but for life too!

  2. Mr. Parks taught me more about drawing and how to think about light and shadow than any other class I took at the Academy. I was only in the Saturday class (you and Scott were there too). He pulled me aside one day and told me how I should keep going and how to price out my work. He was perhaps the most supportive teacher I had. He understood completely the unstoppable desire that strikes some of us to want to make beautiful drawings.

    His class was magical in many ways; it was also where I got a job! ha - my former bosses at Calabash were students and ended up hiring me. We met there at the class. I ended up leaving college early thinking working at painting at a studio and attending the P&C would be better for me. Mr Parks changed my LIFE. One of those fortunate and course correcting meetings with a very wonderful teacher and person.

  3. Not only did this inspire me but brought back nothing but wonderful memories. I have several sketches/drawings that were assignments at the Academy from Mr. Parks that have his comments and signature heart at the bottom! Classic!! If there is a way to send them, I'd love to share.

    I attended the American Academy from 1970-1973 and learned more from Mr. Parks than any other instructor I had. Was truly fortunate to have attended there. Now living in Easton, MD, home of Plein Air Easton where Scott was the very first judge!

    Thanks, Susan, for sharing these special memories.