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Sunday, October 21, 2012

San Francisco July 2012

I spent a wonderful 9 days in San Francisco last July 2012. Sadie Valeri opened her Atelier and asked me to come and teach a workshop. I was a little nervous, but what a great opportunity, to spend time with Sadie and to see San Francisco for the first time. Sadie is amazing, not only is she a master painter, but she has opened this incredible school and offers students the best chance to learn how to draw and paint in the Bay area. http://www.sadievaleri.com

I arrived a few days early so I could see a little of the city, I stayed at a little studio apartment in the Castro district.

 Lynn Sanguedolce  http://lynnrenee.com a super talented artist that lives just outside SF came with her sweet husband and took me around the city. They showed me the bridge, the art museum and the John Pence Gallery http://www.johnpence.com



                                                     Lynn and me posing in front of a Benson


                                            Lynn studying one of he Sargent paintings.            

A huge Maxfield Parrish in a posh bar at a local hotel

Another treat was spending time with Felicia Forte  http://www.feliciaforte.com
She has a studio in the building next to Sadie's building. I am jealous that they get to hang out and paint together all the time. Felicia not only is a great artist, but she is also a wonderful teacher and teaches at Sadie's Atelier.

                                                                         Sadie took us to the best Mexican restaurant near the mission district. I didn't give it the respect it deserved when I first saw it, but I had to eat crow and beg for forgiveness once we ate. I long to eat at that place again. I love the photo above because Felicia is so animated and her hands were always telling a story.

Sadie, Felicia, Lynn and Felicia's Sister

Sadie's studio, she offers many different classes plus intense multi-day workshops.

Just one of Sadie's floral studies, she did a bunch when she was on vacation. WOW, I flipped out at how beautiful they were. I love this one above because even though it's upside down it works at every angle.  9 by 12

I am so inspired by Sadie's little sketches, she can do Atelier style and alla prima. 

                                                           Justin Hess - http://www.jhessfineart.com/#home
 An artist and teacher that just moved here from Florence ( he taught at the Florence Academy) now teaches at Sadie's Atelier. Three master teachers !!!!  Sadie, Felicia and Justin. I look forward to visiting SF again, I just saw a small portion of the city.

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  1. I believe you had a very good time.. nice company too!!... like!