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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monument Valley, Utah March 2012

We were at The View hotel for 5 nights in the middle of March, just before the tourist season started. The weather was extreme, it was sunny and warm one day, super windy another and the last day we had a white out. The snow didn't stick to the ground though, this was the view from our balcony.

Benny our guide, he took us around to meet his family and friends that lived in the canyons.

Scott drawing him in his yard.

My drawing, pastel and white chalk  20 by 16

Scott's drawing he did on the spot in this man's bedroom. The room was too small for me to also paint. It was his 80th birthday that day and his family was preparing a party for him in the next room.

Another view from our balcony

Scott met this lady in the summer of 2011, Benny took Scott around and because of the photos he took I really wanted to see the area. Scott submitted this painting and the painting below to the Prix de West show at the Cowboy Hall of Fame 2012

My drawing,  18 by 14  pastel and white chalk

Inside this couples Hogan

This man had just gotten back from a long hike to find coyotes. He walks for long distances every day. He gave Scott an old Stone Axe head that he found in an Anasazi ruin. 

Me and Benny's wife Peggy


  1. My grandmother was French Canadian, but I think there was a lot of Native American blood in her. The women here remind me so much of Grandma. Simple beauty that transcends the physical body and radiates.