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Friday, December 16, 2011

Juliette Aristides latest book
Scott and I are honored to each have a drawing included

I will post all of our on the spot paintings from Spain in the next update. Below is one that I did from a photo when I got home. She is a dancer at the Flamenco Museo in Seville  www.flamencomuseum.com/
We went there five nights in a row, the performances were amazing. 

Last year Scott and I went to San Miguel Allende , Mexico for day of the dead. While we were there we came upon a huge religious festival to bless horses. Hundreds and hundreds of men, women and children rode their horses to a small town outside of San Miguel. They would ride up through the courtyard of the church to have their horses blessed by the priest. What an incredible experience.

The young boy above caught my eye, he was so cute.

This was a small passage where vendors were selling candy and souvenirs, they came so close we couldn't move from our spot. Sometimes the horses would get scared and rear up and usually the guy who had started drinking too early would fall off. I liked the way the yellow tarp cast a shadow over the riders.

Frank Gardner ( a great artist who lives in San Miguel) his wife Julie and I are the only tourists along with Scott who climbed a tree to get a better advantage.

This was a photo I took from my camera during a demo Scott was doing for our workshop last June, 2011.  I was so busy for the whole 10 days I didn't get a chance to take many photos. This is our studio in Winston Salem, NC, we use it to hire models. The studio was super cluttered with everyones supplies and all of our samples on the walls. We love hanging out and spending time with people who share our love of art.

A drawing I did with pastel pencil on Rives paper. I usually hire models for 3 hours when we do a simple portrait. 

Our local friends that join us for the fun


  1. Love the paintings you did of the horses in San Martin. Hope you do more.

  2. I love your cowboy paintings especially the boy with his blue shirt and yellow hat.