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Monday, October 3, 2011

Corn and Sunflowers  oil on canvas  34 by 20

The blue cloth is a sari I bought in Inda. Everytime I see this painting I think about the book of The Count of Monticristo that I was listening to when I was painting. This was the first still life I did in a long time. I want to do more of them this year and try not to over work them. I want the lessons I've learn from doing the short figure paintings to transfer to my longer works.

This is a mother and child from India, titled  Yellow Hat  oil on canvas  24 by 18.  I love to paint young and old faces in the same painting and I especially like it when kids are dressed up in quirky hats. He looks a little like a daffodil, so cute.

This was a comission from a fellow artist which made it more stressful for me to finish, knowing that artists I respected were going to see this.  I worked from their photo which I never do so I dealt with a double lighting and a little distortion from the camera lense. This boy is so beautiful,  his long eyelashes and curly hair were so fun to draw, I didn't want it to come out too sweet, it was impossible not to make him look like an angel. Pastel on Rives paper

Amy in White  22 by 16  charcoal on watercolor board
I used water and charcoal dust in the back with a brush.

Lunchtime   oil on Museum board   15 by 20
These children were sitting in front of a church in Lima, Peru.

seated Nude  charcoal on rives paper  30 by 22
I used water and charcoal dust with a brush to make my darks

Spanish Dancer   pastel on rives paper  20 by 18

She worked as a flamenco dancer at a famous restaurant in Florida. I loved the dramatic lighting on her face, although it hard to know how much to do since she had fake eyelashes on and dark red lipstick. It is hard for me to paint or draw someone that has a lot of makeup on.


  1. Hi Susan, These are all lovely! ( My personal favorite is the seated nude)

    While I'm here, thank you for making your figure painting video, It is great.

  2. It is wonderful with what we delight Susan.Great magical realist and painting!

  3. That blue cloth in the first painting really is gorgeous especially against the orange tones, it really adds so much.
    Corey's right your video is really great, I refer to it often when I'm in a drawing mood. I'm really hoping you'll have the time to put out a painting video soon, seeing the way you lay down color and your thought process would be a joy.

  4. Nice work. I especially love the drawings.