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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sketching Dolls in Oil

Below is a link to the Youtube promo for my online video

Below are the 10 paintings I filmed for the video. 
In the video I talk about simplifying shapes and why painting with a time limit can help your paintings stay loose. I hope that practicing with these techniques I can transfer the same feeling to my more finished still life's.
 I will do a series of videos focusing on different objects. I choose Dolls to be my first video in my still life series because I love to paint faces and I have so much fun playing with these little characters. Maybe you have dolls from your childhood that you would like to set up.

Happy Painting !

"Mexican Doll"  on portrait canvas.  45 minutes

 "Blue Doll with Bear"  16 by 12  oil on portrait canvas
about 3 hours
I bought this handmade doll at the Old Market in Charleston, SC about 5 years ago. This wonderful older lady made a bunch of unique dolls with antique fabrics, quilts, buttons and she gave them all names and histories. I wanted to buy more they were so delightful. It's funny when you see the video and the real doll in the set up you will notice that I gave her a lot more hair. I giggle at how I can't control myself, how did that happen?  We all have our quirks

"Rag Doll"  oil on portrait canvas  45 minutes

"Mexican Doll leaning"  oil on Portrait canvas   45 minutes
I did do a few brush strokes later,  I added some lighter grays in the background and one or two small red strokes in the skirt

"Japanese Boy"  oil on Arches oil paper   45 minutes

"Japanese Girl"  oil on Arches oil Paper  45 minutes
I added the string from the bell and worked a little on her hair afterwards. I thought I need to warm up the deepest darks in the hair.

"Swedish Doll"  oil on Arches oil paper   45 minutes
I added more yellow strokes to the background afterwards, I thought I needed to add yellow to the left side of her head.

"Polish Doll"  oil on Arches oil paper  45 minutes

"Two Dolls Standing"  oil on Arches oil paper  45 minutes for the tall doll, 15 for the blonde doll
I added the yellow trim, the red accent stroke and the yellow frayed material to the tall doll's skirt afterwards. 

"Two Dolls Sitting"  oil on Arches oil paper  45 minutes for the dark haired doll and 15 minutes for the blonde doll
Afterwards I added the yellow trim to the skirt and softened the edges on the blonde doll's hair


  1. It looks perfect..personally i love painting very much when i start to paint something i will forget the things which is happening around me..i involved in your pictures and absorbed how your art looks accurate..


  2. Amazing work, I follow you... how doesn´t do it.

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