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Friday, January 25, 2013

This is a new gallery that opened in LA, it is run by the talented artist Logan Maxwell Hagege and his brother. I am very excited to be showing with these amazing artists. 

Insight gallery was kind enough to put our paintings 
in their latest ad in SW art magazine Feb 2013 issue

"Man from India"  oil on canvas  8 by 6

"Yellow Turbin"  oil on canvas  12 by 10

The painting below will be published in a Northlight book later this year. I will have a chapter showing this painting in progress and a showcase of some of my other paintings. My chapter will discuss Light and Form

"Veiled Beauty"  oil on canvas  14 by 11

This is a painting of my friend, the wonderful artist Rachel Constantine. Scott and I visited her and Diane Feissel last year, we had the best time playing dress up with the two of them. I have so many photos I would like to paint from that session. It is very hard to paint someone you care about, you never think it looks like them. They are both such beautiful ladies, if they only had beards it would be a lot easier.

This is a painting I did of a Nick Bragg a local historian in Winston - Salem , NC. He is a true character, it was fun to paint him because he tells the best stories. I filmed a bunch of the portrait sketches I did in our Studio in Winston - Salem and we put them in this video.  click here to see the promo 

"Yanka"  pastel on paper  22 by 17

One of our favorite models, she is 13 here, I had such a hard time trying to get that age right. I make everyone look so sweet and innocent, someday I will do one that brings out the exotic in her. Scott is able to capture the strength in models I tend to emphasize the softness.

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  1. I absolutely love the softness you acheive with your pastels! I recently purchased your Mastering Portraits DVD and love it...thank you so much for putting it out there. I have been using the techniques on my own drawing and the results are very satisfying.